VBOX Test Suite

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my travels over the last few years, which has seen me visiting a good variety of customers, it’s that they all want software for specific tasks.

This is not to downplay the role of all those frighteningly intelligent test and calibration engineers out there, who are all perfectly capable of driving VBOX Tools and setting up very complicated test structures. It’s just that they’re under a lot of pressure and it kind of makes sense to be able to send out a less qualified driver to carry out procedures – but that to do this they need software that is really easy to use.

So. Taking this feedback we set about designing the eventual replacement for VBOX Tools. Our next gen analysis software had to be really straightforward to use but equally capable of processing complex data, and cover the whole gamut of testing and dynamics in which we specialise. It was decided that the best way to achieve this is to have a ‘base’ program, and then augment it with plugins. That way each test department will only have to have the level that they need; so those who’re only interested in straight-line performance will have a nice simple setup in comparison to their colleagues in ADAS who require more.

Here it is – VBOX Test Suite. At the moment it’s just a relatively simple performance analysis package, but we’re working on the first range of plugins that will cover all the ADAS stuff as well as aquaplane, coastdown, NVH, and so on. The nice thing about plugins is that they’re customisable – we can make them specifically for any application. Let me know what you want.

I’ll let the video explain how it works.


New data analysis software – VBOX Test Suite from Racelogic on Vimeo.


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