Dual Antenna Heading

Thought I’d post up a short bit about one of our new features recently released in the VBOX 3i firmware.

If you’re using one of our twin-antenna 3i SL units, up to now the heading you get has come from the main antenna when testing ADAS applications. Heading is really important, because it’s an integral part of the calculations for separation and contact points. The trouble with a single-point heading is that there is no output when the vehicle is stationary, and it can be a bit ‘noisy’ during low-dynamic testing.

With dual antenna heading you don’t need such a large separation distance between them, so might not need one of these roof poles.

So we’ve now incorporated twin-antenna heading. This means that you get an output at zero velocity; you can use a smaller antenna separation between antennas (might not need to use a roof pole any longer); it doesn’t ‘drift’ like an IMU-derived heading can; and the more stable output works well with steering robots.

And speaking of steering robots, a quick plug for our friends at Anthony Best Dynamics. I’ve been down to see them a few times recently to work on this improved heading so that they can configure one of their steering units, for use in autonomous path-following. We’ve nearly cracked it… watch this space or send me an email.


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