GPS Simulation

Well now here’s a thing. I don’t get very involved with LabSat, our GPS simulator, because I am busy enough already. But it seems that some of my automotive customers have started to put it to good use in developing their nav systems. Specifically, in places where GPS is, well, pretty useless.

This video explains the issue. Say you need to test your latest navigation unit – which these days are clever things with integrated gyros to provide for some rudimentary dead-reckoning when the satellite lock is interrupted. The Tokyo highway is one of the most extreme examples of this, because they build roads on top of roads (it’s a crowded city) so you end up driving through what is essentially an urban tunnel. How on earth do you go and validate your gyro-enhanced satnav in an environment like that? Impossible… also difficult in places that aren’t quite as built up but where skyscrapers create urban ‘canyons’ that create the same, if slightly lessened, problem.

Well my clever-boffin colleagues have come up with a turntable, connected to the LabSat GPS simulator, which replicates the rotation the nav unit would be put through on your chosen route.


Simulating Real-world GPS and Vehicle Data with LabSat Turntable Solution from Racelogic on Vimeo.


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