Driving? Not I.

Have you seen the film “I, Robot”? During one scene, Will Smith’s character is seen to be jumping into his futuristic Audi and not driving. The car does it for him.

Later on he takes control, and his accompanying passenger looks on in terrified disbelief, asking why he’s about to drive manually.

So much for science fiction and Hollywood blockbusters – “I, Robot” is a fun diversion for a couple of hours but none of it is based on reality. Well, almost none of it.

An article from Detroit, bemoaning the fact that in Michigan (the self-styled ‘automotive capital of the World’) the legislation to allow self-driving cars to be tested on the open road hasn’t yet been passed, but it has in Nevada, California, and Florida.

The Michigan State Governor is upset about this, but never mind him. Self driving cars. Cars that drive on their own, are a reality.

So where will this take the testing industry?

Well… the revolution is already established, up and running. We’re about to release a major new software update that will aid test engineers who are developing cars to the latest ISO standards. These regulations form part of the required testing for automated vehicles. Not just things like adaptive cruise control, emergency braking, or lane departure – no, they also cover those vehicles that can control themselves independently of human interaction.

Watch this video, from Volvo. It won’t be long before you are able to read a magazine or do some work on the way into the office whilst your car does the driving.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?&v=vqqZyk-pvek]
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