Following On

Yesterday I was back at a freezing cold Keevil airfield with the chaps from Anthony Best Dynamics.  We were testing the combination of a twin antenna VBOX3iSL-RTK with their Steering Robot for accurate Path Following. A few small tweaks to their robot control algorithm have worked well.

AB Dynamics prefer the use of actual body heading in their robot control rather than single antenna GPS ‘course over ground’ heading. Fortunately the ‘True heading’ channel measured by the twin antenna VB3i provides this signal, the added advantage being that the True Heading signal is accurate at all speeds. As a result, smooth steering control can be achieved down to zero velocity – which is harder to achieve with a single antenna system.

The VB3iSL-RTK gave us the perfect combination of vehicle body heading and accurate position, and we proved out the new solution for path following from simple straight line control to high speed, high dynamic, double lane change manoeuvres.

I know that our customers are in need of consistency and repeatability in their testing, and this successful combination of an ABD steering robot with a VBOX should suit them admirably.


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