Not Your Normal Truckstop

I’ve been in Sweden, training some Volvo Truck development engineers. They use our ADAS testing packages to develop collision mitigation systems, and they showed me some recent footage of their new FH truck, fitted with not only a collision warning system but an emergency brake.

It’s absolutely superb. Watch the video to see what I mean – the truck, on approaching the slow moving car, first warns the driver who doesn’t respond. It then takes things into its own hands and brakes independently. It looks like a truly remarkable driver aid, not to mention a fairly dramatic moment.

The engineers that I met are justifiably proud of what they’ve developed, and rightly so. An advanced driver assistance system with this level of precision is something to be proud of.

But I think the best thing about this footage is something I was told just as we wrapped up the training course: the car in the video, the one that appears to be imminently smashed into by a large Volvo truck, is the test engineer’s personal vehicle. They clearly have an immense confidence in their product. Nice to know that VBOX played a large part in this.


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