Range Accuracy Without a Base Station? How?

Base Stations: all very well if you’re testing over a finite range, say between two to five kilometers. But what if you want to go out on the open road, drive for long distances, and see how something like your adaptive cruise control really works when your target vehicle is sharing the road with a large variety of other vehicles and architecture?

The solution is a technology called “Moving Base” where the static Base Station is replaced by a second VBOX, configured into a special DGPS Base Station mode. This does not affect the absolute positional accuracy of either VBOX but it does increase their relative positional accuracy, and from this we can get a range accuracy to 2cm – great for ADAS testing.

So we are currently in the throes of final testing Moving Base. It should be available by the end of the year, but before we release it officially the Marketing team have requested that I prove this to them with a 24Hr ‘rooftop’ test. I have to get two VBOX 3iSL RTK units plugged into antennas on the top of the Racelogic building and we’ll see how they perform overnight. Just as well we have the antennas up there permanently, given the British weather!


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